Doubts about party unity with Baburam and Biplav: Prachanda

Feb 12, Kathmandu- CPN Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has given a briefing that the matter of uniting with the Maoist party is still in a state of doubt.

While addressing the party's central committee meeting, Prachanda said that the party unity was being discussed but no conclusion had been reached, according to a leader who participated in the meeting.

The party unity issue is being discussed. It has been decided to form a coordination committee after discussing with NESP led by Baburamji several times, but no momentum has been taken. Doubt is still there. There is also talk of forming a joint committee with Biplavaji's party. But even that has not been concluded", the leader said, citing the opinion expressed by Prachanda in the meeting.

Rather than being too concerned about party unity, Prachanda instructed the workers to work towards making this party powerful. "What I think and what you need to understand is that we should start to make this party strong rather than hoping that unity will be achieved quickly. If friends come while we are doing it, welcome them", said Prachanda in the meeting.