Govinda KC Doubts On The SC's Verdict On Durga Prasai's Medical College

Mar 26, Kathmandu- Dr. Gobinda KC, an activist of medical education reform, has expressed doubts about the decision of the Supreme Court on Monday regarding Durga Prasai's medical college.

KC said that since the abridged version of the decision has not come out so far, there are many suspicions about it and it can increase the chaos. KC issued a statement today saying, "If the verdict strikes at the heart of the Medical Education Act and makes the (Medical Education) Commission inactive, then the chaos in the field of medical education will increase and the health of common citizens will be more compromised. It will not be acceptable to us if anyone violates the law based on this questionable decision".

On Monday, the bench of Supreme Court Justices Kumar Chudal and Saranga Subedi ordered the issuance of a writ petition filed by Durga Prasai seeking an order to attach her B&C Medical College. However, it is not clear what is written in the order as the written summary of the judgment has not been made public. Stating that it is everyone's duty to accept any decision made based on the laws and constitution of the country, he said that judicial chaos can be created if a decision against the law is made for someone's vested interest.

He also said that it would not be acceptable if anyone violates the law based on a decision that has a dubious meaning.