Operation Of A Temporary Center For Fecal Sludge Management

Mar 30, Kathmandu- A temporary trench center has been put into operation at Babaghat located in Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city-20 for the management of excreta. According to the sub-metropolitan municipality, the problem of faecal waste management in Nepalgunj has ended after the center came into operation.

Deputy Metropolitan Chief Prashant Bista and Non-Governmental Organization SNV Nepal Resident Leader (Leader) Nadira Khawaja jointly inaugurated the excreta management area. In coordination with the sub-metropolis, SNV Nepal has handed over the temporary trench center built under the 'Urban Sanitation and Hygiene Program for Health and Development' to the sub-metropolis.

In the handover program, the city chief Bista said that after the sub-metropolis decided and put the excreta disposal site into operation, the mandatory situation of having to dispose of excreta waste in the open has come to an end.

He mentioned that by throwing faecal waste in the open, it will pollute the water surface and the risk of epidemic of infectious diseases will be eliminated.

"Even though the household and health waste management site had already been built, there was a problem of how to manage the faecal waste. Today, although it is temporary, the structure has been built", Chief Bista said. He said that a detailed project report (DPR) has been prepared in the dumping site area for the construction of the center and that the work has progressed and the help of the federal government has also been sought and a mechanism will be made to regulate and monitor the temporary trench center.

SNV's resident team leader Khawaja expressed his belief that Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan will support the efforts of safe faecal waste management. He mentioned that it will play a role in making Nepalgunj safe in terms of health.

The sub-metropolitan said that the land of the temporary center for excreta management, built at a cost of Rs. 24 lakh, has been leased for five years. 17 pits have been dug in the temporary center with an area of two bighas. According to SNV consultant engineer Mun Bahadur Khadka, 40 meters long, 2 meters high and 1.20 meters wide pits have been dug to manage excreta. The area has been secured with wire mesh. He informed that the construction of the trench center was completed within a month by working at a fast pace.