China Is Positive On The Decision Of Providing Free Visa To Nepalese

Apr 01, Kathmandu- Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said that China is ready to open the existing 14 traditional trade border crossings between Nepal and China as soon as possible.

He said this while talking in the media at the airport after returning home after visiting China.

He mentioned that the Rasuwagadhi-Kerung, Tatopani-Jhadmu, Yari-Puran and Nechung-Lichi (Korla) trade points have already been put into operation, and China responded to China's request to open the existing 14 traditional trade border points between Nepal and China which were closed due to the Covid pandemic during his visit to China have been accepted.

He said that it is expected that this will make the daily life and business of Nepalese living near the Chinese border easier.

Shrestha informed that both sides are positive about forming a joint commission at the foreign minister level of Nepal and China to regularly discuss various aspects of the existing friendly relations between Nepal and China at a high level.

He claimed that the implementation plan of the Belt and Road Initiative has been finalized and discussed.

He said that the Chinese side has shown positivity by requesting to provide free Chinese visas to Nepalis who want to visit China.

He informed that both sides have agreed to make mutual cooperation more dynamic by effective implementation of the agreements between Nepal and China and regular meetings of the existing mechanisms.

He also mentioned that the Chinese side was positive to allow the Nepalese living in the border area signed between Nepal and China in 2012 to use grazing land in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and electrify some Nepali villages along the border.