Malaysia Bans Foreign Workers!

Apr 18, Kathmandu- Malaysia will not hire foreign workers in the formal sector from Baisakh 9th i.e. April 21st.

It is seen that this decision of Malaysia, the main destination of Nepali workers, will affect Nepal the most. Malaysia was the most important destination for Nepali workers from 15 different countries including Nepal went to Malaysia. Initially, Malaysia decided not to hire workers from foreign countries from March 31st, but after adding about 21 days, it has decided not to hire foreign workers completely from April 21st. Malaysia seems to be aiming to send back illegal workers.

To limit the number of migrant workers to 15 percent out of 17 million workers, Malaysia has decided not to hire workers from 14 countries including Nepal. Malaysia's Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said that migrant workers will not be accepted after April 21 due to the government's decision to regulate the arrival of migrant workers. However, the Malaysian government has not yet spoken about whether it will be closed permanently after March 21 or reopen after a certain period of time.