Examination Centers Being Assigned Through Automated Method In Kathmandu

Apr 18, Kathmandu- The National Examination Board has used modern technology while appointing examination centers in Kathmandu district for Class 12. The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Sumana Shrestha, directed the examination centers to be assigned through an automatic (random) process to solve the problem of various complaints by students from competitive schools, making it easy for their students.

The technical team of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the National Examination Board created a software as a 'pilot project' and for the first time the examination centers of Kathmandu district were selected through automatic (random) method.

The distance between the school and the center was determined based on the number of examinees in each school and the number of seats in the examination center. Priority was given to centres that are close to schools. Looking at the number of examinees in one school, on average, more than 150 examinees are distributed so that they do not fall in one center.

Schools with the same management were selected without having centers, while the centers of examinees from two different schools have been arranged so that they do not have centers with each other. In the past years, the center has been selected so that there is no problem in any examination center of any school.

Each time the program is run to determine the examination center, it is 'randomized' so that different results are obtained. This software and method is open sourced and placed on GitHub. It has also been called upon to make suggestions to make the process more robust and fully automated, which has been transparently maintained by the principles of open source.

When the examination center is designated by this method, the buying and selling of the examination center will be discouraged and it will be easy to facilitate the examination center as well. Gradually, this method will be used to designate examination centers across the country.