Stock Market Increased, Turnover Of 3.12 Billion

May 09, Kathmandu- The stock market rose on Thursday, the last trading day of the week. The NEPSE index has increased by 5.63 points and reached 1966.23 points.

7 million 58 thousand 399 shares have been bought and sold for 3 billion 121 million 200 thousand rupees. The share price of 115 companies has increased and 115 companies have decreased.

Share prices of 14 companies remained stable. There was a general improvement in the stock market on Tuesday, which disappointed investors by falling by double digits for two consecutive days. On Wednesday, the market decreased by 0.21 points and the market index closed at 1960.60 points. The transaction amount was 2 billion 547 million rupees. On Tuesday, the transaction was 2 billion 145 million rupees.