Insightful New Volume Of FACTS Research & Analytics ‘FACTS Of Nepal 2024’

May 09, Kathmandu- In a world overflowing with data, FACTS Research & Analytics has launched its insightful new book, “FACTS of Nepal 2024", marking the 9th iteration of the extremely successful series of data and infographic compilations. This empowering edition equips readers with the knowledge and leverage data effectively in their daily lives. It offers a clear and engaging approach to data literacy, making it accessible to individuals of all backgrounds.

The 2024 version covers 24 themes, offering readers comprehensive information on the country's economic, corporate, social, developmental, and political sectors. Infographics are visually appealing and give valuable facts and insights. FACTS of Nepal 2024 is an essential resource for everyone looking to thrive in today's data-driven environment. It empowers people to be active participants in the information age.

FACTS Research & Analytics Pvt. Ltd., a private research organization founded in 2012, specializes in Retail Audit services, customized research, campaign strategy, and media activity for clients. They provide accurate and actionable data based on research. The organization has pioneered unique initiatives in Nepal's research industry. FACTS Research & Analytics has collaborated with several media outlets, including national television, newspapers, journals, and online news portals, to share statistics and facts through engaging discussions and infographics. 

The price of the book is Rs. 500/-. As a launch deal, there is a limited 30% discount available if you collect the book from the FACTS office. Get your copies now.