Data Of 50 Million Dell Users Leaked!

May 11, Kathmandu- Important information of Dell users has been leaked. The company has sent an email to its customers informing them that the details have been leaked.

On May 9, the company sent an email to its customers about a 'data breach'. The company has informed about this matter by putting the subject of the data breached email as 'Important message about your Dell information'.

The breached data includes the company's user name, address, Dell hardware, service tag, description, order date, warranty and other information of the device.

It has been clarified that the email does not contain any financial or payment related details, email address, telephone number and other sensitive information of the user.

Likewise, a hacker has claimed to have breached Dell's data on the Daily Dark Web. According to Forbes, the information stolen from Dell was put up for sale last April.

It is claimed that the information contains the details of 49 million users. Specifically, it is claimed to contain information on users who purchased Dell laptops between 2017 and 2024.

On the other hand, Dell's spokesperson said in a statement that the cyber security program of Dell Technologies is designed to reduce the risk by evaluating the impact on its customers and partners.

He said that taking into consideration the possible risks and attacks of the program, the work will be carried out accordingly. He says that even though there is no such sensitive information in the recent data breach, the hacker can misuse the information obtained by him in various ways.