Corruption Of 400 Million Case Against 6 People Including Bikal Paudel

May 12, Kathmandu- A corruption case has been filed against 6 people, including Bikal Paudel, the then executive director of Surakshan Printing Center.

The Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission on Sunday filed a corruption case against Paudel, the then director of the National Information Technology Center, Safal Shrestha, the then CDE of the Ministry of Forests and Environment, Naveen Kumar Pokharel.

Others who have been sued are Khadk Bahadur Thapa, then Accounts Officer of Surakshan Printing Center, Harivallabh Ghimire, Branch Officer and Max International and Akbar Hussain, CEO of the said company.

The authority has accused them of corruption of 408.5 million rupees. A case filed last year alleging irregularities in the construction of the building and structure of Surakshan Printing Center is pending in the special court.

A corruption case has been filed against them with the conclusion that they bought the software and equipment of Surakshan Press to suit some particular person or company by violating the prevailing law on public procurement.

In that case, the authority claims that people including Paudel acted against the law in collusion and caused damage to the property of the government.