JSP Nepal Withdrawal Its Support On The Government

May 13, Kathmandu- Janata Samajwadi Party, Nepal has withdrawn its support to the government. Party MP Raj Kishor Yadav said that after leaving the government on Monday, the central executive committee held a meeting and decided to withdraw the support given to the government.

MP Yadav also accused the state of trying to break the Janata Samajwadi Party. He accused the leaders of the government of trying to divide the party and informed that he left the government on moral grounds as it was not appropriate to stay in the same government. He also warned that the government has acted irresponsibly and that they will act against it.

"The leaders in the government started to divide the party and after the division of the party, the events that are happening in national politics, it is not morally acceptable to stay there. We participated in the government with 12 seats. We participated in the government with a specific purpose. Unfortunately, our party got divided" he said.

"Morally, we have withdrawn our support by resigning from the government," MP Yadav said, "We went with 12, and when it was gone, it was not appropriate to stay there politically and morally. If the government acted irresponsibly, we will take action against it. We will first accumulate internal power. The interior is tight, because of the division.''
MP Yadav said that the leaders who are divided will lose in their movement".