Meeting Adjourned For 3rd Jestha As Congress Blocked The Parliament

May 14, Kathmandu- The parliament session held immediately after the government's policies and programs were presented was blocked by Congress demanding a parliamentary inquiry committee on cooperative fraud.

After Speaker Devraj Ghimire proceeded according to the agenda, Congress MPs surrounded Rostam and shouted slogans. They raised slogans saying, 'Act against the co-operative frauds, form a parliamentary inquiry committee, no coercion can be done'.

Speaker Ghimire asked for assistance in the House saying that many important papers should be read and bills should be moved forward. He had repeatedly requested President Ram Chandra Paudel to proceed forward as there was a provision to thank him as well.

After the Congress continued to block the House, Speaker Ghimire adjourned the meeting by removing the programs on the agenda. Speaker Ghimire said that the next meeting will be held on Jestha 3 at 11 am.