The party felt the need for organization: Deputy Chairman Wagle

Jun 15, Kathmandu- Dr. Swarnim Wagle, the vice-chairman of the National Independent Party, has said that the party feels the need for organization. He said this while speaking at the greeting exchange program held on the occasion of the establishment of the National Independent Party in Kathmandu on Saturday.

Wagle said that they are careful not to copy the ugly old party. He mentioned that the party needs workers and organization and the latest example of this was seen in Ilam and Tanahun and also said that it was difficult to reach the community due to lack of organization.

Wagle said, "We are aware that we should not copy the ugly practices of the old party. Workers are no longer needed, it is not that there is not even an ideology that is a purely mass base party. Therefore, we have to make a middle part between these two extremes. It may be easier in Kathmandu to say that organization is needed. However, we have seen that in other districts. We saw it in Tanahun, today we saw it in Ilam in the most complicated way. Due to the lack of organization, it was difficult for us to penetrate".

Deputy Chairman Wagle said he will now proceed as a campaign of NIP. He said that the NIP has launched a campaign of cultured politics.