Google Maps History Data Will Only Be Stored On The Device

Jun 16, Kathmandu- Now Google Maps will no longer store data. According to a new report, Google is preparing to store user data on the map.

Previously, the user's location history was stored on the Google Maps server, but now it is said that the history data will be stored only on the user's device, i.e. phone.

The date of release of this feature of Google has been set on December 1, 2024. This feature of Google Maps is for privacy. There is a risk of data leakage when storing data on the server, but this risk is expected to be reduced when the data is stored on the device itself.

Many times due to weak network, users cannot view their location history, but now after storing it on the device, there is no need for the network to view the history.

Due to poor network on the map, users cannot see their location history, but after storing it on the device, the network does not need to see the history. End-to-end encryption has also been introduced in Google Maps.

A new layer of security for users' data. Currently, this feature is only released for the app. There is currently no information on whether it will be released for the web version or not.