Ram Krishna Dhakal's 'Maya ko Ghar' released

Jul 05, Kathmandu- Singer Ram Krishna Dhakal's song 'Maya Ko Ghar' has been released. The music video of the song was released during a program in Kathmandu on Friday.

The song features Arya Bani's voice along with Dhaka. While speaking at the program, singer Ram Krishna Dhakal said that it is new for the creators who have been listening to their old songs. He expressed the belief that the song will be liked by the audience as well, saying that they have made the song the best.

He said, "There is something new in this song, I think people who have been listening to my old songs and want to hear new songs will like this song. We have done well in our own way. The main thing is the audience".

Singer Dhakal expressed his hope that he will get more love by saying that he has become Ram Krishna Dhakal because of the love of the audience.