Premium EV Skywell Showroom Opening At Naxal

Jul 06, Kathmandu- A premium EV Skywell showroom will now be operational in Naxal. The showroom will be established in Narayanachaur, Naxal.

G Motors, the official distributor of Skywell for Nepal, is going to put the showroom into operation. Company sources say that the showroom will be officially operational within the next two weeks.

Currently, G Motors is selling and distributing Skywell's premium EV ET5 in Nepali market. The Skywell ET5 has an 85.9 kWh battery pack. It has an electric motor with a capacity of 150 kilowatts. Its price has been set at 1 crore 9 lakh rupees.

The SUV is built on the pure EV platform based on intelligent styling, intelligent enjoyment, intelligent connectivity, intelligent driving, intelligent security, intelligent electronics and intelligent joy. It is claimed that Skywell ET5 will give the highest range in the Nepali market i.e. 620 km range on a single charge.