Proton Released Its Version Of Google Docs

Jul 08, Kathmandu- Proton has published its version of Google Docs. This service will be available with Proton's Drive Cloud Storage.

Like Proton's other services, Google Docs will also come with end-to-end encryption. The company claims that Proton's doc feature is unique at a time when popular products are ignoring privacy.

Proton has also suggested using its version of Google Docs in the healthcare, media, finance and legal industries.

Proton Docs has advanced formatting and image embedding features. As in Google Docs, you can create, edit and open documents in different formats. In this, the user can invite anyone to edit and view the document. But for this you will have to create a Proton account.

Proton is a company founded in 2014 in Switzerland to emphasize privacy and digital freedom. It was started by scientists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Proton has been providing mail, calendar, drive, VPN, password manager and other facilities.