Song Form Movie 'Modibeni', 'Manjuri' Released

Jul 08, Kathmandu- The first song of the movie 'Modibeni' directed by Shankar Koirala 'Manjuri' has been launched. The song of the movie, which is going to be screened on 18th of Shrawan, has been officially released.

In the press conference held here today, the theme raised by the movie was discussed along with the song release. Director Koirala, who has been editing and directing music videos and documentaries since 2001, is the director's first movie directorial. Produced by Dilip KC and Hari Shrestha, the movie has actress Barsha Siwakoti and Amar Pratap Shrestha in the lead roles.

Director Koirala said that an attempt has been made to present the movie according to the feelings of the audience and the current environment. "In the song Manjuri, the story of Barsha and Amar's love budding has been discussed", he said. Singer SD has composed the music of this song in the voice of SD Yogi and Bigyan Parajuli. Ram Aviral Bista has composed the lyrics while Rikesh Gurung is the music producer.

In the song choreographed by Kiran Thapa, you can see the artistic performance of actress Siwakoti and actor Shrestha. The song has been shot by Utsav Dahal and edited by Bharat Regmi. This is actor Shrestha's first acting experience. "Following the dream of becoming an actor with art, I have started through Modibeni", Amar said, "We have presented the story with the desire of the audience." While watching the movie, actress Siwakoti said that she had high hopes from the movie, saying that it would entertain the audience and enlighten them on new topics".

"Even though new friends have performed in the movie, its story has become stronger", he said, "When you watch the movie, you feel like you are watching your own story." Actor Saroj Khanal commented that this song shows the future of cinema just as the morning shows the state of the day.

Saroj Khanal, Prabin Khatiwada, Regina Upreti, Dilip KC, Jeevan Bhattarai, Kamalmani Nepal, Subrataraj Acharya and other artists were present in the program. Anamika Lamichhane, Poojan Shrestha, Gobind Sunar, Lawis Bartaula, Sher Bahadur Baral, Rosi Shrestha, Hiuwala Gautam, Sneha Bhattarai and others acted in the movie, it was informed at the press conference.