Air Service Paused In 4 Districts Of Karnali Since 5 Days

Jul 08, Kathmandu- Air service has been disrupted in the Himalayan districts of Karnali province for the past five days due to continuous rain.

Civil Aviation Authority, Simkot Branch Chief Mahendra Bahadur Singh said that air services have been suspended in four districts of Karnali since Asadha 19.

According to him, air flights are blocked in Dolpa, Mugu, Jumla and Humla. ​

Even though Tara, Sita and Summit Air flights from Nepalgunj were prepared to fly to four Himalayan districts, the air service was disrupted due to bad weather.

After the suspension of air services, the tourists who were preparing to return after seeing Mansarovar Kailash have returned to Kathmandu from Taklakot in China via Kerung.

8 people who returned after visiting Mansarovar Kailash returned to Nepalgunj by helicopter from Simkot.