Dinesh DC And Suraj Singh Thakuri Signed In The Film 'Eklo'

Jul 09, Kathmandu- Actors Dinesh DC and Suraj Singh Thakuri have been signed in the movie 'Eklo' which is going to be directed by Pradeep Shahi.

A formal paper agreement has been signed between the production team and the duo. Both of them said that working with director Pradeep will be a new experience.

Actors Pradeep Khadka, Bijay Lama, Sunil Thapa, Yavanraj Upreti, actress Benisha Hamal, Kabita Nepali, Diya Pun, British actor Jamie Bacon and others have been signed in the movie, which is preparing to start shooting from the second week of Bhadra month.

According to the production team and director Shahi, 'Eklo' is going to be produced with the aim of bringing Nepali cinema to the international market.

'Eklo' director Shahi has studied film making in UK. After working in some short films and series there, he started directing Nepali films. Earlier, he had directed 'Gorkha: Under the Bravery' and 'Antim Sanskar'.

The film will be produced under the banner of Shai Productions Nepal and will be in collaboration with Hamsaer Account. Executive producer Kshitij Subedi Khatri said that the set construction and pre-production are currently underway.