Cooperative Investigation Committee To Discuss With The Victims

Jul 09, Kathmandu- The Parliamentary Investigation Special Committee on Misuse of Cooperative Savings Funds is going to discuss with the victims.

The meeting of the special committee which was held at Singha Durbar on Tuesday decided to discuss with the victims tomorrow (Wednesday). Chairman of the special committee Surya Bahadur Thapa informed that it was decided to discuss with the victims of the cooperative in a representative manner.

In today's meeting, a discussion was held with the officers of the cooperative department. The special committee also said that they will discuss with the victims on Wednesday and search for more facts to solve the problem.

"Tomorrow we have planned to have a representative discussion with the representatives of the victims. We have called the representative victims of all 29 cooperatives and other cooperatives. It is not possible to call all the victims and discuss. We, as various struggle committees, have made a program to listen to the voices of the victims who are suffering from the cooperative in many ways individually”, said Thapa.

The special committee had previously discussed with the relevant agencies and experts. Thapa, the chairman of the special committee, said that now the problems and solutions found in the cooperative sector will be discussed with the victims as well.