Chief Minister Rai puts pressure on speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari


February 21, Kathmandu - Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai has put pressure to stop the provincial assembly meeting of province-1.

Chief Minister Rai has put pressure on Speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari to stop the meeting. During the discussion held on Sunday morning, Chief Minister Rai put pressure to stop the meeting.

The Speaker has replied that there will be a table of no-confidence today and it cannot be stopped. A meeting of the provincial assembly has been called for two o'clock today. Chief Minister Rai of Oli's party has a strategy of not allowing the provincial assembly meeting to sit even today.

The Prachanda-Nepal faction of the CPN (Maoist) has filed a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Rai. Chief Minister Rai, on the other hand, has warned that the state assembly will be dissolved if the no-confidence motion is forcibly moved.

Chief Minister Rai is playing the game of prolonging his rule by not allowing the no-confidence motion to be tabled.