India ready to take Chinese investment without resolving border dispute

February 22, Kathmandu 

India has agreed to accept Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) without resolving its border dispute with China. India has agreed to accept foreign direct investment (FDI) from China, despite military loss during clashes between the two countries' armies. Analysts say India's diplomacy has not shrunk and appreciated this move of India. 

India has blocked Chinese FDI proposals for the past nine months. The Times of India has reported that Chinese FDI proposals have been approved for the past few weeks. It is said that the approved proposal is small. India is studying large FDI and will carefully accept it.

To facilitate the approval of the proposal, India has formed a committee comprising officials from the Home, Foreign, Commerce, and Industry and Policy Commissions. The Government of India is ready to investigate and move forward with such investment proposals from other neighboring countries.