Coronavirus: Uncertain Death Toll In U.S After Hundreds Of Years Of Influenza

February 22, Kathmandu

Corona has killed nearly half a million people in the United States after hundreds of years of influenza
About half a million people have died in the United States since the onset of the coronavirus. The United States has the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world.

"We've not seen so many people die of influenza for hundreds of years," said Anthony Fawcett, chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden.

The Coronavirus has killed 498,000 people in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University. In February 2020, the death of the first person from Covid-19 was announced in the United States. A year later, the death toll from the coronavirus has risen to half a million.

With more than half a million people dying in the United States, Biden said he did not want to make any predictions about when the crisis would be resolved. So far, 61 million people have been vaccinated here. As many as 18 million people have received the full dose of the vaccine, according to the US Department of Medicine.