Causes of dark circles and ways to remove them

February 23, Kathamndu-Some has dark spots and circles under the eyes. Due to the blackness under the eyes, we understand that we do not get enough sleep, but due to the lack of various vitamins, such spots remain. Some women feel uncomfortable because of the dark circles under their eyes. Dark circles under the eyes due to various reasons and lack of food.

The black spot is not the color of the skin in itself, but rather a reduction in blood and water flow, 'says dermatologist Justin Hextall. Such spots are still visible during the day. When dry, such spots are even more visible. ‘When your body is dry or dehydrated, the flow of blood and water to the dermis is reduced.

And the inner skin is clearly black, 'she says. Even if you ate dry food the night before or drank less water, the next morning you will have dark circles under the eyes. If you have been drinking coffee in the evening, you will see its clear effect in your eyes tomorrow morning.

Iron deficiency

If the body is deficient in iron, dark circles appear under the eyes. Due to iron deficiency, skin cells do not get enough oxygen. The skin around the eyes of women with anemia and severe iron deficiency often looks dead. For iron, you should eat spinach, lentils, nuts, and so on.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency is also one of the reasons for dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin C helps keep skin healthy. For this, lemon, orange, and other foods can be eaten.

Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant in the skin. Protects skin from a chain. Relieves dark circles under the eyes. Carrots, broccoli, pistachios, mangoes, etc. are sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin K deficiency

Vitamin K deficiency should not be allowed to protect the skin. The function of this vitamin is to prevent dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K deficiency in the body makes the skin around the eyes look dull. For this vitamin, green vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, banda, fish, and other foods should be eaten.

Vitamin E deficiency

Vitamin E deficiency is also responsible for dark circles in the eyes. The deficiency of this vitamin makes the skin look lifeless. To keep the skin healthy and glowing, you should eat almonds, avocado, kiwi, olive oil, trout fish.

Remembering this, even if you use your mobile computer day and night, nothing will happen to your eyes

Nowadays, there are no people whose eyes are not weak. Even a child's eyes are covered with glasses. Constant sitting at the computer causes eye problems. Constant looking at the mobile also weakens the eyes.

Those who cannot see know the importance of eyes. However, the eye is a very important and indispensable organ for human life. It is necessary to pay attention to home-made food to improve the brightness of the eyes. Weak eyes are also caused by food. So make your eyes glow naturally with these homemade ingredients.

Spinach juice

Green leafy vegetables are beneficial for the eyes. Green vegetable soup is also good for health. Drinking a glass of spinach juice every day provides plenty of vitamin A.

Carrot juice

If your eyes start to look dim, drink carrot juice every day. There are many benefits to drinking a glass of carrot juice mixed with carrot juice. Start drinking this mixed juice in the morning.

Green vegetables

Carotene is beneficial for the eyes and it is found in green vegetables. It has a positive effect on the pupil of the eye. Be sure to include it in your diet.


Finally, it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Feed children regularly to increase the brightness of their eyes.


Lack of vitamins in the body weakens the eyes. Include vitamins A, B, C and E in your diet. Eat foods such as oranges, seasonings, bananas, squash, kiwis, chilies, green vegetables and groundnuts. Peanuts, almonds, juices, and dairy products are also beneficial.


Arachis is good for the eyes. Soak Arachis in the water at night and eat them in the morning. It also strengthens the eyes and enhances memory. It is also beneficial to mix almond soup and sweets.

But there are some home remedies in Ayurveda, the use of which increases the sharpness of the eyes.

 Green tea

Drinking 23 cups of green tea regularly on a daily basis keeps the eyes healthy with its antioxidants.


Soak the dried amla in water overnight. Clean your eyes with its water the next morning. Doing so keeps the eyes healthy.


Ghee massages the eyebrows and eyelids for 5 and 10 minutes to increase the sharpness of the eyes.


Mix equal quantities of cumin seeds and sugarcane and grind. Mixing its dust with ghee regularly increases the brightness of the eyes.

Get up in the morning and spray clean water on the eyes

Rinse eyes with cold water. Then soak a cotton cloth in cold water and rose water and apply it to the eyes for 10 minutes to keep the eyes healthy.


 Soak Triphala powder in water overnight. Cleaning the eyes in the morning with soaked water keeps the eye infections and muscles healthy.


During sleep, massage the eyes and forehead with mustard and mustard oil to strengthen the eye muscles.

 Mustard oil

Before going to bed at night, massaging the head with mustard oil every day also improves the light of the eyes. 


Grind three or four sweetmeats and a teaspoon of soup well and drink it daily with a glass of milk.


Soaking six or seven almonds in water at night and eating it in the morning improves the power of the eyes.

What to do in the eyes?

1. If the eyes are gradually getting weaker, do not use dyes, hair dyes, and chemical shampoos on the hair.

2. Soak a teaspoon of Triphala in a clay pot at night and wash your eyes after washing clothes in the morning.

3. Get up in the morning before sunrise and walk barefoot on the grass for 15-20 minutes. By doing this, the light of the eyes gradually increases.

4. Regularly massage the feet with mustard oil. Applying mustard oil on the toes 10 minutes before bathing is also beneficial.

7. Eating grapes regularly at night eliminates the problem of low vision.

8. Grind 10 grams sweetmeat and 20 grams soup seeds well. Eat the powder regularly with a teaspoon of milk.

9. Rinse the dried amla well and soak it in the water at night. Apply water soaked in amla three times a day with the help of cotton. And, eat soaked amla. Doing this regularly makes a big difference in just three months.

10. Sprinkle salt and black pepper directly on the cabbage leaves and eat regularly with food.

11. If the eyes are weak, do not skimp on sleep. Less sleep makes the eyes weaker.

12. Do not lie down in bed at night.

13. If you have weak eyes, you should include onion and garlic in your diet every day. Garlic and onions contain sulfur, which is useful for brightening the eyes.

14. Eating soybeans or dishes made from soybeans. The fats, fatty acids, vitamin-E, and other elements found in it are beneficial for the eyes.

15. Do not watch TV continuously for a long time.

If you have dark circles in your eyes, you can take these home remedies:

- Boil the tea leaves in clean water for some time. After cooling, put the tea leaves in a bottle and keep it in the fridge. Put it on a cotton ball and keep it in a dark circle for 15 minutes.

- Apply potato juice to the dark circles. Wash your face after 15 minutes.

- Cold milk soaked in cotton and put on the eyes as an eye pack.

- Almond oil and vitamin E capsules to massage the dark circles.

- Apply honey and lemon juice. Wash your face after 15 minutes. Using any one of these home remedies every day will help to remove dark circles.

- Cut green cucumber round and put it on the eyes.