YWS music announces digital audition to be the part of Shashwot Khadka's next music video

February 23, Kathmandu 

Shashwot Khadka well known for his blockbuster song "Batash" has come up with a new song for which YWS music has announced a digital audition to hunt the best actors to be a part of this music video. 

Audition has prioritized creativity and concept rather than putting some beauty standards as criteria to be in the video which is very good news for all creators and actors. 

Here is the detail on how to apply: 


A small piece of the song"Jiskidai Jiskaudai" is on Shaswot Khadka's official TikTok account all you need to make is amazing TikTok on that music to showcase your acting skills. 

All the best to all the participants in advance!!