Anju and Thir has  tied the knot

February 25, Kathamndu- Singer Anju Pant has married her boyfriend Thir Koirala yesterday. Anju and Thir had been in love for a year. She had said that she would get married but the date has not been fixed. Some day ago, singer Anju Pant had talked to the media about getting married but the date was not fixed.

It is understood that Anju and Thir got married in the church. They are both married in a church because they believe in Christianity. An attempt was made to keep the marriage of Anju and Thir secret. It is understood that only a limited number of relatives were present at their wedding.

According to Thir said, "We got married in a church in Patan." Many people could not be called because of Corona. We got married only in the presence of our families member.

Singer Pant has divorced from singer and musician Manoj Raj a decade ago. Anju, who has been living with her daughter Paritoshika since then, had said that she had thought of getting married a few months ago due to her daughter's pressure.

Anju and Thir's wedding date was finalized some day ago. It is understood that the wedding could not take place on that date due to various reasons.