Higher education scholarships for the current academic session have not yet reached Jumla

February 25, Kathmandu- The amount of higher education scholarship to be provided in the current academic session 2020-21 A.D. has not reached Jummala yet. The scholarships being provided by the Karnali state government's Ministry of Social Development in 10 districts of the state have not reached Jumla even though they have reached other districts.

The Ministry has been providing higher education scholarships to the daughters-in-law, Dalits, the disabled, and the descendants of the martyrs of the Karnali movement.

Chief of the Social Development Office, Jumla, Balbir Sunar complained that the budget has not been received yet. "I informed the Ministry of Social Development on October 1 that there was no budget allocation for scholarships in the district budget expenditure," he said. "I have been writing to the ministry from time to time to arrange the budget and enter it in the provincial ministry budget information system."

He said that even though the budget has been released in the other nine districts, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning has requested Karnali for Jumla.

Stating that all the other districts have already given one month's notice for the scholarship, he lamented that there was a problem in Jumla as the scholarship budget was not released on time.

According to the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry has already sent the scholarship money for Jumla to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Spokesperson Bishnu Prasad Adhikari said, "Even though the Ministry of Economic Affairs has given the file of remittance for Jumla's scholarship, the Ministry of Social Development has not listened to it."

Acting Director of the Education Development Directorate, Karnali, Deepa Hamal said that there was no shortage of budget but the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning was holding back.

She said that the families of the two martyrs of the Karnali movement would get Rs. 48,000 at the rate of Rs. 24,000. She informed that the scholarship amount for Jumla could be increased if the budget of Rs.

According to the source, the budget for the scholarship will be released only in the coming fiscal year.