Gold Price Continues To Decline, While Silver Price Sets To Soar

February 25, Kathmandu

The gold price has declined in the Nepali market on Thursday. According to the Federation of Gold and Silver Entrepreneurs of Nepal, the price of gold in the local market on Thursday was Rs. The gold price has dropped by Rs 500 to Rs 89,300 per ounce.

The price of gold in circulation on Wednesday was Rs. The turnover was 89,800. Compared to Wednesday, the gold price on Thursday was Rs. It has decreased by 500. Similarly, acid gold is priced at Rs. 88 thousand 850 has been traded. On Wednesday, acid gold traded at Rs. The turnover was 89,350.

Similarly, silver rose on Thursday. On Wednesday, Rs. Silver traded at Rs 1,345 per ounce on Thursday. One thousand 355 are being bought and sold. Silver traded lower by Rs. It has increased by 10.