Digital Learning Day Is Being Celebrated Today

February 25, Kathmandu

Digital Learning Day is celebrated today. Digital Learning Day, which has been celebrated since 2012, is celebrated around the world every year on the 25th of February with various events. Digital Learning Day has been celebrated in Nepal for the last two years.

The program, organized by Nima Academy and co-organized by Living with ICT and Sochware started at 11 am at Hotel Himalaya. This time, special programs were organized for digital education with slogans.

The event was to be telecast live on Digital Learning Day and Living with ICT's Facebook page.

Ten years ago, the policy landscape for digital learning was uncertain. Believe it or not, school leaders and the public did not realize the potential that the effective use of technology can have to close inequities and personalize instructional opportunities for students.

Digital Learning Day and advances in educational technology shifted perceptions of classroom technology from simply being a “nice thing to have” to a necessary tool to improve instruction, increase opportunities, and eliminate educational inequities.

hat sentiment could not be more powerful today as Digital Learning Day has assumed an entirely new meaning. In response to school closures during spring 2020, many schools and districts were forced to build the digital learning infrastructure necessary to deliver high-quality remote learning and help their teachers and parents pivot quickly to implement research-based digital learning practices into their distance learning plans.

Since the last Digital Learning Day in February 2020, the world has changed. Schools have changed. Teachers have changed. Students have changed. Many district and school leaders were forced to pivot quickly to ensure that all students have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities. They had to issue laptops, train teachers on remote instruction, communicate with parents, and find way to keep students fed and healthy all from a distance.