Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe and effective with just one dose

February 25, Kathmandu- The Johnson & Johnson vaccine against the coronavirus, which can be administered with a single dose, is safe and effective, according to US regulators.

 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to approve the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for public use in a few days. In addition, three vaccines against the coronavirus will be approved in the United States.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which were approved earlier, are now being administered to the public. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines should be given in two doses. The now-approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one dose.

Johnson & Johnson's vaccines are also cheaper than Pfizer and Moderna in terms of cost and storage. The vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator instead of in the freezer like the previous two.

Johnson & Johnson released the results of a humanitarian trial last January. The Johnson & Johnson test showed that the vaccine was 66 percent effective.

The vaccine, developed by Belgian company Johnson & Johnson and owned by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, has been approved by the FDA as effective in preventing coronavirus infections and serious conditions.

Tests in the United States, South Korea, and Brazil showed similar effectiveness. But newer variants in South Africa and Brazil have shown little effect on the vaccine.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been shown to be 85 percent effective in preventing infected people from becoming critically ill and 66 percent overall.

None of the participants in the trial died, and no one was hospitalized with a corona infection 28 days after the vaccination.