Venezuela ask EU ambassador to leave  country within 72 hours

February 25, Kathmandu- Venezuela on Wednesday ordered the EU ambassador to leave the capital, Caracas, within 72 hours. The European Union (EU) has ordered Portugal's ambassador to the country to leave the country following the announcement of sanctions against Venezuela.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Areza has ordered Union Ambassador Isabel Brillhunt Pedrosa to leave the country. A meeting of EU foreign ministers has announced sanctions against 19 Venezuelan officials for "insulting democracy".
"Today, as per the decision of President Nicolas Maduro, we have ordered Isabel Brillhunt to leave the country with a time limit of 72 hours," Minister Areza told reporters. In Brussels, the European Union called on Venezuela to reverse its decision.

EU spokeswoman Nabila Masrali lamented Venezuela's decision, warning that it would further isolate Venezuela from the international community. President Maduro said in a televised address that the decision to expel the European ambassador was "unpopular" and "forced."