Member Of Parliament To receive Lump Sum Salary From Poush Despite Parliament Was Not Operating

February 25, Kathmandu 

The members of the House of Representatives will get a lump sum salary even during the period when the parliament was not in session. The Supreme Court ruled that the dissolution of the House of Representatives was unconstitutional and had zero legal effect. After the dissolution of the House of Representatives on Poush 5, the parliamentarians were paid only five days' salary.

According to the Parliament Secretariat, the salaries of the remaining period including salary of Magh and Falgun will be credited to the account of the parliamentarians. The monthly salary of the parliamentarians is Rs. 55,230. There are a few more leaders of the main opposition parties, committee chairpersons and party whips. If the meeting was held during this period, they would get a meeting allowance and transport facility. Members of the National Assembly, on the other hand, have been receiving regular salaries.