How to remove your name and contact number from True Caller?

February 27, Kathmandu -True Caller is an app that lets you know a user's name and other related information. First of all, it is important to know how TrueCaller works.

This is what we are telling you today. When a user downloads the TrueCaller app and logs in, the app first asks the person for some permission.

In which the list of contact numbers (all contact numbers saved in the mobile) is also allowed. When a user gives TrueCaller access to their account, the app can find out all of that person's contact numbers and save them to their server.

What happens is that everyone's names and contact numbers are saved in Truecaller. When a user searches for a number on TrueCaller or receives a call from an unknown number, the app searches for its name and information on its server.

Truecaller stores all the information like username, contact number, email id, and location. For those who want to hide their identity, this app is a problem.