School Closed After COVID-19 Was Seen In A Student

April 18, Kathmandu- Tribhuvan Janata Secondary School at Marke-8 in Sarada Municipality has been closed for a week after a student was found to be infected with coronavirus.

The school has been closed for seven days as per the decision of the school management committee, said Principal Dal Bahadur BK. After many students and teachers contracted the flu, a class 10 student tested positive for corona, said Principal BK. The infected girl has been kept in isolation at the District Hospital, Salyan.

The school has 650 students from class 1 to 12. The school had to be closed for the safety of the students, said Liladhar Babal, education coordinator of the municipality. He urged the people to go to school wearing masks and take other safety precautions after the appearance of corona in different places of the district.