World Hindu Federation Will Be Unite

April 19, Kathmandu- The World Hindu Federation Nepal National Committee Bansbari and the World Hindu Federation Kalanki will unite.

 After the official approval of the Hindu Federation International Committee, the two federations will now be merged. On the 41st founding day of the World Hindu Federation, a formal declaration of unity has been made. According to a statement issued by FNCCI General Secretary Asmita Bhandari, preparations for unity have started on the day of Ram Navami.

The statement said, “The World Hindu Federation, an umbrella organization of Hindu Omkar families from all over the world, was established on 18 April 1980 A.D  on the day of Shri Ram Navami and has been active by establishing units in different countries of the world. The Nepal National Committee Bansbari and Nepal National Committee Registration No. 338 under the World Hindu Federation International have been operating separately. It has been approved by the International Committee.

It is also mentioned in the press release that the unity declaration program will be held on the day of Ram Navami. The World Hindu Federation, which has the same name and purpose, has been criticized for being led by different groups.