Pragya Pratishthan Will Give Identity Card To Writer

April 19, Kathmandu- Nepal Pragya Pratisthan is going to give an identity card to the writer. The procedure has also been prepared to give identity cards to the seeker of literature.

Prajna Parishad Member Pvt. Dr. Prajna Parishad members formed under the convenorship of Yogendra Prasad Yadav. Dr. Usha Thakur, Pvt. Dr. Gopindra Poudel, Laxmi Mali, and Dr. A's five-member task force headed by Devi Nepal have submitted the report of the first draft of the Amendment to the Identity Card Distribution (First Amendment) Procedure-2020 A.D  to the Chancellor.

The task force was given 15 days to prepare the working procedure with amendments. The task force has prepared and submitted a revised draft of the working procedure after discussions and consultations with writers and experts at various stages.

Understanding the draft of the working procedure, the patriarch Ganga Prasad Upreti expressed happiness over the fact that the plan of giving identity cards to the literary seekers of the country has already been realized. He said that the distribution of identity cards will start from the President within this month.

Member Secretary Pvt. According to Jagat Prasad Upadhyaya, the name and surname of the writer, citizenship number, district, date of birth, subject area, and genre will be revealed in the identity card named 'Writer Literary Identity Card'. 'No creator will be categorized. In order to get an identity card, a writer has to apply with his work, he said.