Bored In Lockdown? Some Things You Can Do To Pass Time

April 29, Kathmandu- Lockdown has started in Kathmandu and other places in Nepal from today. Many people struggle to pass time in their home during lockdown and this can be really frustrating. We've brought you 10 things that you can do to pass time during this lockdown.

Watch Movies

Watch movies of different languages and genres. There are millions of movies that you can watch online. Watch movies and pass your time.

Learn A Language

Roughly 6,500 languages are spoken all over the world. Learn any language and increase your vocabulary. Get out of the lockdown having learned a new language. 

Read Books

Do something productive this lockdown and read some books. You can read millions of books online.

Search For Your Long Lost Friends In Social Media

Search for your childhood friends on social media and catch up with them. Reminisce your childhood and friendship with your friend.

Learn To Play An Instrument

Pick up an instrument and learn to play it. There are thousands of tutorial for every type of instrument in YouTube.